Victim’s Protection Order: Can I Re-file A VPO?

The Judge Didn’t Grant The Victim’s Protection Order, And Now I Fear For My Life. Can I Re-File?

You are always able to refile a VPO (Victim’s Protection Order), but if the allegations are based on the same incident that was heard by the court and dismissed, your petition will be unsuccessful. In other words, you’ll need to present new and compelling evidence to the court in order to obtain one. For instance, if you present a new witness to testify on your behalf, the court is certainly going to ask where they were and why they were not present at the original hearing.

In addition to presenting new evidence and witnesses, you might consider fleshing out your original complaint. “He’s stalking me” is not as compelling as “he follows me home from work four days a week and takes pictures of my children coming home from school.”

Am I stuck with the same attorney who originally filed on my behalf?

Certainly not. In fact, a set of fresh eyes can only help you. The lawyers at Ann Thomson Law will help you sift through the evidence and take action immediately. You have a right to feel safe, whether at work, in public, or at home.

Can a VPO be dissolved?

Yes, but only by a court order. In most jurisdictions, only the victim can petition the court to dissolve a Victim’s Protection Order. The process might include an intake hearing, which determines if the change is voluntary, without coercion or duress. Some may require counseling, concerning the rights and ramifications of dismissal, in order to be successful.

Another way to dissolve a Victim’s Protection Order is to let it expire.

Does a VPO restrict me as well?

You’re asking the court to restrict someone else’s rights. Not only can they be held in contempt, you can too. You must follow the protocols set forth in the order. Violations are taken very seriously no matter which side you’re on. If you are successful in receiving a protection order then violate its terms, the court might overturn their original decision. It’s important to have an attorney give you a detailed explanation of the order.

If you are looking for another attorney to refile your Victim’s Protection Order, Ann Thomson Law is here to help. Contact the Law Office Of Ann A. Thomson  (Seal Beach family law attorney) at 562-431-4333

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