Post-Divorce Modification and Enforcement

Post-Divorce Modification & Enforcement: Areas That Can be Modified after a Divorce Agreement

Even once a divorce is finalized there are post-divorce issues that may arise which will require post-divorce modifications & enforcement. Family law attorney Ann Thomson can provide imperative guidance through areas of modification for your divorce agreement.

Some areas that can be modified or revisited for enforcement reasons after a divorce agreement include:

  • Financial commitments in the event of loss of a job or other change in income
  • Child custody arrangements if you or your former spouse move out of state
  • Spousal support if the dependent spouse remarries
  • One of the former spouses refuses to abide by the court mandates

The divorce agreement can be revisited by either:

  • Seeking a modification that adapts the orders to the new circumstances, or
  • Asking the court to enforce the established order.

Invalid Reasons for Modifications

After the divorce settlement is signed by the court, you may not seek post-divorce modification & enforcement if you are simply unhappy with one aspect of the agreement. If you want property that was not assigned to you, or you decide Tuesday evenings just are not a good child visitation night for you, the court will not allow legal action to make changes. You must have evidence of fraud or severe hardship if you have reasons such as these for wanting your divorce decree to be modified.

Effective and Comprehensive Legal Guidance

The Law Office of Ann Thomson (Seal Beach family law attorney) recognizes how imperative some post-divorce issues are, and we will help you seek immediate help. Issues such as termination of support payments can cause severe financial and emotional strife for you and your children. You need to know you have the legal support and guidance necessary to obtain the relief you need.

Contact our firm today. We have the reputation to succeed in helping you with modification or enforcement issues, and we will maintain your best interests as our focus.

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