Who Gets the House?

It can be complicated and difficult to determine who gets the house during a divorce, but coming to a property settlement agreement during a divorce doesn’t have to be messy. Former spouses can calmly pull up to the table and hash out a compromise for real estate division that appears civil. The justice system can then honor this arrangement in the divorce decree. Fairly simple, right?

Sadly for many folks in Southern California, this optimistic approach quite often ends in breakdown, failure and defeat. Most individuals find themselves in over their heads when it comes to determining just what is right in the division of community property, even when there are not extensive separate, community and blended assets in what is known as a complex marital estate.

What is a Marital Balance Sheet?

A marital balance sheet is an account of assets and liabilities. For most couples, it’s colonized predominantly with debts, but for some there are few debts and many assets. The usual format includes a column noting to whom that property was apportioned. While many people assume separation of assets is cut and dry (ie, husbands keeps his car and all the cash, wife gets the home), there are many details to consider when partitioning possessions. Each and every case should be handled with a respective, unbiased eye.

Ann Will Know What Belongs to You

So, who gets the house during a divorce? Family law attorney Ann Thomson (Seal Beach family law attorney) works with experienced forensic accountants to create a thorough marital balance sheet based on your situation. She organizes and analyzes complicated and licensed estates in an efficient manner. Her goal is to establish a right and fair settlement. Using creativity, Ann Thomson searches out individualized solutions to create fair property division efficiently. Whether the property and estates in question are multi-million dollar assets, a family-owned business, additional corporate partnerships, a practice or a home, Attorney Ann Thomson will create a fair and well-crafted settlement.

To find out who gets the house during a divorce, schedule a free one-on-one consultation with an experienced Southern California divorce and division of property lawyer, contact Ann Thomson today.

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