First steps to take if my child says their other parent is abusing them

Child abuse is a reality that has engulfed the globe. From America and Europe to Africa, people abusing children is becoming a negative force to reckon. Children in the world have fallen prey to abusers who have demeaned them in several ways including, but not limited to:

  • Subjecting them to forced child labor
  • Denying them their right of access to education
  • Harsh punishment for any slight mistake done
  • Subjecting them to sexual slavery
  • Denying them their bill of rights

Steps to Take

1) Report to the Relevant Authorities

Law enforcement officers in the US and various parts of the world are charged with the responsibility of ensuring safety, law, and order. One is, therefore, encouraged to report to police officers and the children welfare officers in case of child abuse. You must, however, have the necessary proof of the abuse by the other parent such as physical or psychological damage sustained by the child.

2) Advise and Counsel the Other Parent

This is very vital especially if you are all living under the same roof. It is advisable to have a productive talk with him or her on the various repercussions that she or he may be charged with for abusing the minor. Counseling also entails the aspect of educating. This implies that one can teach the abuser on the relevant laws that guide children against various abuses.

3) Report to a Law Firm

Law firms play significant roles in ensuring that justice is served. Child abuse is part and parcel of the services offered by the various law firms in the US. Consequently, one is at liberty to report a child abuse case in any law firm that practices humanitarian law. A reputable firm will always ensure that children remain safe and protected while following the law accordingly.


It is imperative to take the required steps in order to fight this menace that is quickly becoming a norm in the society. Every authority in each state is on the lookout for child abusers and molesters. The government has also drafted strict rules and regulations to punish such offenders. It is thus imperative to report to the relevant entities sooner rather than later when your child says that the other parent is abusing him or her. In addition, there are numerous non-governmental institutions as well that have been primarily formed to tackle this phenomenon that threatens to derail the moral fabrics of the society.

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