Divorce and Protective Orders

Divorce and protective orders sometimes go hand in hand, but in many cases protective orders can be filed in other circumstances, too. If you have reason to seek a protective order, you know how scary it can be to have a stalker or to feel threatened in any way. Recently in Atlanta, Georgia, actor and director Tyler Perry has filed a lawsuit in hoping to obtain a protective order against a man who illegally entered Tyler Perry Studios, and said he would not leave the premises until he had the opportunity to see Mr. Perry.

Officials say the man locked himself inside the studios. The man identified as Josh Sole possibly accessed the studio’s administrative offices via the roof when he entered the property on October 30, 2014. Apparently, the trespasser is a model and an actor who hoped that meeting with Perry could help establish his career.

What is a protective order?

In domestic disputes, a protective order prevents one party from coming close to another person, often within a specified proximity. This is an order handed out by a court with the intent to protect a person from harm or harassment. Protective orders are commonly used in litigation during divorce to guard an individual or witness from unreasonable or invasive discovery requests. But most people are familiar with temporary restraining orders, which are established to prevent domestic violence; these are referred to as a protective orders.

Misuse of Divorce and Protective Orders

Although protective orders exist to protect those who are in harm’s way, unfortunately they are often misused, and often men are the victims of false claims. Since they are so easy to obtain, angry spouses can false charges of abuse in order to enact the order during the divorce, a practice that obstructs the legal system. This makes it difficult for legitimate victims to have their cases heard and also exhausts much needed victim-assistance resources. Men are much more likely to have protective orders enforced against them in divorce proceedings. This is why sometimes divorce and protective orders go hand in hand. Consequently, when a man has had an order of protection issued against him, people will assume he must have acted in a dreadfully threatening or dangerous manner toward his spouse or family in order for a judge to issue an order.

Orange County Divorce and Domestic Violence Attorney

If the court feels you have committed domestic violence, you could lose custody of your children. You need the help of an experienced lawyer immediately.

If you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, Ann A. Thomson (Seal Beach family law attorney) can help you. Contact Ann today for a free and completely confidential consultation.

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