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Who Pays the Debts in a California Divorce?

Meet the Mitchells When Andrew and Sallie said, “I do,” they did not have plans to ever say, “I don’t.” Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of love. Fifteen years, two kids, three failed businesses and plenty of debt later, Andrew and Sallie were looking at separation options before them. Unfortunately, there were a… Read more>>

Am I Allowed to Argue a Property Division Balance Sheet?

Can I argue a property division balance sheet? The short answer to this question concerning marital property laws in California is yes. But, the establishment of what is or what is not community property in California can be a complicated issue. That is why it is imperative to have an experienced and aggressive divorce lawyer… Read more>>

My Ex Wants To Keep The House, How Can I Obtain A Property Division Balance Sheet?

Property Division Balance Sheet People are emotionally attached to their homes. It’s where they live and where their possessions and many of their memories are. Therefore, in a divorce, sometimes each spouse wants the house. But only one can get it. If the parties themselves cannot agree who gets the house, then lawyers will help… Read more>>

What Are The Steps We Need To Take To Make Equalization Payments On The Ordered Sale Of Our House?

Going through a divorce is a very trying time for just about anyone who might be involved. The issue with many people going through a divorce is the fact that they need to make the right equalization payments to ensure that both parties are leaving the marriage with equal parts of earnings. When a divorce… Read more>>

How are student loans split during divorce?

Overview Student loans are currently the largest held debt by Americans outside of mortgages. Just a couple of years ago, student loans passed over credit cards as the second largest debt for Americans. With that being said, there are millions of people that have taken on student loan debt both before and during a marriage…. Read more>>

California – Community Property State

How California Does Not View Marital Property To understand how the division of assets and community property laws work in a California divorce, we need to discuss how our state views property rights and associated taxation within marriage. Most states operate under what’s called Common Law, which sees the money each spouse earns and property… Read more>>

How Is Debt Divided Upon Divorce?

You’re going through a divorce. You may find yourself asking: how is debt divided in divorce? The way that existing debt is divided in the event that a married couple divorces varies from state to state as well as with individual situations. In most cases, the couple will negotiate an agreement dividing the debt that… Read more>>

Property Division-Common Misconceptions about Property Division

Common Misconceptions About Property Division in California Divorce is never easy, and requires difficult decisions and tremendous compromise.  There are legal guidelines to consider and to guide the divorcing parties; yet there are many common misconceptions about property division in a divorce. Ann Thomson can offer valuable legal insight to ensure all California mandates are… Read more>>

Stock options often overlooked in divorce asset division

On behalf of Law Office of Ann A. Thomson (Seal Beach family law attorney), A Professional Law Corporation posted on Sunday, January 12, 2014. Stock Options During Divorce Stock options are often given to employees and allow them to purchase company stock in the future at a price determined when the option is issued. Because the value of… Read more>>

Division of assets and debts at divorce

On behalf of Law Office of Ann A. Thomson (Seal Beach family law attorney), A Professional Law Corporation posted on Monday, December 30, 2013. Division of Assets and Debts During Divorce The division of assets and debts in a divorce depends on several factors. California residents may be aware that California is a community property state. This means… Read more>>

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