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What Are the Benefits to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Over Traditional Divorce?

Now that you have made a decision to proceed with separation, it is time to choose the process to do so. There is more than one option to obtain your desired outcome that does not involve the time and expense of extensive litigation. Proceeding to court can be expensive, emotionally difficult and will ultimately lengthen… Read more>>

What Happens If I File for a Nullity of Marriage Under CA Law, and the Annulment Is Denied?

Most marriages begin with an idea that there will be a happily-ever-after. However, if the reality is that your marriage did not begin with both parties being honest, you will want to distance yourself from your partner as soon as possible. There are three ways to end a marriage, namely, divorce, legal separation and nullity. … Read more>>

Who Pays the Debts in a California Divorce?

Meet the Mitchells When Andrew and Sallie said, “I do,” they did not have plans to ever say, “I don’t.” Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of love. Fifteen years, two kids, three failed businesses and plenty of debt later, Andrew and Sallie were looking at separation options before them. Unfortunately, there were a… Read more>>

Should I Separate Instead of Divorcing?

Some might say getting married is simple. Buy a ring (or not), propose, pick up your marriage license, and grab a licensed minister or judge to facilitate the ceremony. The whole thing can be done within an hour and you’re well on your way to a beautiful honeymoon in Honolulu. It’s no secret that for… Read more>>

Seal Beach Guide to Divorce

Jared and Ally never thought divorce was in their future, but after years of nightly arguments, accusations of infidelity, and irreconcilable differences, a separation was imminent; however, as the two moved forward with their decision to divorce, they quickly realized there were several options available to them. Decisions had to be made. Divorce Explained A divorce… Read more>>

Facts about Alimony in California

Seal Beach Family Law Attorney When creating a life together as a married couple, it is common for one spouse to earn more in his or her employment while the other may have a lower paying job or even stay at home raising the children. When a marriage ends, it may affect the spouse who made… Read more>>

Am I Allowed to Argue a Property Division Balance Sheet?

The short answer to this question concerning marital property laws in California is yes. But, the establishment of what is or what is not community property in California can be a complicated issue. That is why it is imperative to have an experienced and aggressive divorce lawyer licensed to practice in the state who understands… Read more>>

What Are The Steps We Need To Take To Make Equalization Payments On The Ordered Sale Of Our House?

Going through a divorce is a very trying time for just about anyone who might be involved. The issue with many people going through a divorce is the fact that they need to make the right equalization payments to ensure that both parties are leaving the marriage with equal parts of earnings. When a divorce… Read more>>

My Ex Is Receiving Spousal Support From Me, But Was Physically Abusive During Our Marriage. How Can I Prove That I Was Abused?

According to recent statistics, half of all marriages will likely end in divorce. When divorce is the end result of a relationship, many times the reason is physical abuse of one spouse by another. In some situations, what seems most unfair is the abusive spouse can wind up receiving spousal support payments. If you find… Read more>>

Can I Get a Paternity Test Without My Ex Knowing?

First, realize that you now have no legal relationship with the child, even if you truly believe you are the father. Without your ex’s agreement and written consent, you cannot compel any medical tests on the child. If your ex will not agree to paternity testing, then you will have to get a court order…. Read more>>

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