5 things to know about Department of Child Support Services

The Department of Child Support Services does more than collect payment for minor children. It also assists in other family-related matters such as establishing paternity for children. Here are five things to know about the Department of Child Support Services.

The Department of Child Support Services can help men establish paternity for their children. If the child’s paternity wasn’t formally acknowledged at the time the child was initially born, the agency relies on courts and private attorneys to facilitate the process. Unmarried parents can sign a declaration assigning paternity to obtain the same rights that parents born of a traditional marriage enjoy. This offers access to family medical records as well as offering custodial rights.

This entity can assist in child support modification matters. In cases where significant changes in income or financial hardship occur with the non-custodial parent’s income, the child support can be modified. Most states allow the review to take place once every few years. In order to qualify for these modifications, the balance amounts are reviewed, and the employment scenario is verified.

What can the Department of Child Support Services do for me?

The Department of Child Support Services will help locate a missing parent. The department utilizes resources to locate parents. A number of resources can be used to locate a parent living in another state. Assets can also be tracked to find the non-custodial parent as well.

The department reports to major credit reporting agencies. Whenever an individual is approximately $500.00 or more behind in payments, the agency will report negative items to the agency. This can make it difficult for parents to obtain financing for major purchases.

The department also uses a variety of enforcement methods to collect child support owed. One such option is collecting payment through garnishments. Multiple interception methods can also be used to collect support payments owed for tax refunds, pension benefits, or lottery winnings. The entity can issue passport denials, liens and judgments against the non-custodial parents.

The department can establish paternity, assist with child support modification, locate a non-custodial parent, report to major credit agencies and enforce accounts in arrears. The department can help oversee every aspect of the child support collection process.

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