3 Ways a Lawyer Can Simplify Your Complicated Divorce

Although divorce signifies the end of what was once a blossoming marriage, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your life. With the right legal team, a divorcing couple can come to terms with their decision and move forward without the associated stress. That said, here are three ways a lawyer can simplify your complicated divorce.

Assist You in Property Division

Believe it or not, the marital property settlement agreement process can be a painless one with the right lawyer by your side(s). With the help of a lawyer, a divorcing couple can work together to produce a fair plan for property division. When complete, the court will memorialize this agreement in the divorce decree. It’s that easy, if you let it be.

Assist You With Alimony

Although it’s not as common as in past divorce cases, spousal support – also known as alimony – is based on established financial need for one side and the ability to provide support on the other. How long you were married is an important factor in determining what amount is awarded and for how long.

The court system has flexibility when crafting divorce and alimony orders. An experienced lawyer can ensure that it’s with both of your interests in mind.

Assist You With Child Custody and Child Support

When it comes to child custody, many judges in California favor the 50-50 split. With an experienced attorney, you’ll be able to make a strong case on your behalf without allowing things to get too messy as they can in these particular proceedings.

An experienced California lawyer can simplify your complicated divorce by also assisting you with child support, which is another ‘messy’ aspect of divorce. While child support payments are calculated by a computer program in California in most cases, you should note that there are many factors that can alter the child support payment. A lawyer will assess each factor throughly to make sure the child support payment is fair for both parties.

Divorce can be a complicated process. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can move forward with your life without the burdens associated with such a step. Simplify your complicated divorce by speaking to a qualified lawyer today. Please contact the Law Office of Ann A. Thomson (Seal Beach family law attorney) online or by calling 562-431-4333 for a free initial consultation.


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